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The Children's Lifeline Foundation is here to help vulnerable children escape from crisis and lead a more promising life ahead, allowing them to grow from  the kids of today,  into strong and independent adults of tomorrow.

The Children's Lifeline Foundation is a young growing charity. Our purpose is to  improve the quality of life and secure social justice for children and young  people in need.

Our Primary goal is to provide advice and support to children and their families who are affected by the misfortune of disability, illness or poverty.

We will help promote education, by introducing to them special classes run on behalf of CHLF. This will help the children develop into more educated, independent adults of the future, allowing them to take the opportunities that they deserve in life.  

We will provide important advice and guidance on a range of issues to help relieve poverty, by doing everything within our power to meet their needs.

We currently provide advice, help and support for the borough communities in Islington and London area, but we are continually expanding our reaches to other areas of society. The children are referred to us by friends, family, medical staff and other places where regard for the welfare of young people is valuable.

Often we work in difficult and potentially dangerous circumstances. This activity is to help vulnerable children without parents escape from crisis and lead a more promising life ahead of them.