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They say every little helps, and for us it is true for a child’s lifeline. Your help is greatly welcomed, we accept cash payments by either filling out the contribution form. Just download the document below, fill out all necessary details and then send to us at our e-mail address.

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You can also use PayPal to make swift and easy donation to the charity if it is more convenient. Read “Gift Aid” below for details.

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The UK government operates a scheme where we can make the most out of donations and help even more children in need.

Gift Aid makes every £1 worth £1.25. So for every pound we receive from you, we can claim 25% extra from the government.

If you are currently a UK tax payer, you may be eligible to apply Gift Aid to your donation. The process is easy, just download and complete the simple form below. If you have donated via PayPal, e-mail the form to us, and if you have included a cheque post the printed form to our office address found here.

For more details about the Gift Aid scheme, terms and conditions. Navigate to the HMRC page here.

Gift Aid Declaration Form.pdf

Gift AId  Form